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Self-Healing as a Metaphor

Over my twenty years of life, I've had my fair share of minor cuts and wounds. I remember when I was working in retail, I bought some shoes to wear to work and they were horrible on my ankles. After work, my ankles would be chafed and a little bloody. Don't even get me started on the pain. However, through these experiences, I've learned how to facilitate the healing of my physical wounds. I find it amazing how the body can heal on its own. But if we don't do certain things to help in our healing, it won't happen.

Just like I have been wounded on the outside, I have been wounded on the inside. What has helped me in my healing is choosing to take care of myself, unapologetically. I believe that through therapy, I can set a sturdy foundation for healing. But, in the meantime, I choose to make the process easier by doing things that are going to help me. I relate this process of encouraging emotional and spiritual healing to taking care of my physical wounds. I belie…

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