The Seasons of Life

For a while now, I've been frustrated over the fact that I can't seem to get a job. I've done a million interviews and still haven't gotten hired anywhere. I'm big on being independent, responsible, and mature, as I grow into my young adulthood. I feel like God is specifically putting me through a test and preparing me for where I'm going next.

Here's a note I wrote to myself on May 26th entitled "The Seasons of Life":

"I have to be willing to be broke and depend on others. That's a part of being humble and accepting what is. There is a lesson in this discomfort. I have to realize that I am only human and I am not a superhero. Therefore, I don't have the authority to control all things. I have to take what God has given me and use it to the fullest extent. If He says it's enough, then it is. I personally know that God is teaching me to depend on others. And that goes against everything I'm trying to be this year: independent. It's a contradiction, but I believe God uses that to direct and mold us. We have to be ready for what we want, so He takes us through the trials and challenges to make us more than ready. It can get frustrating, because there is a challenge in every season. Even when things are going good. When I am in a season like this, I have to just recognize and be thankful for what is working in my life. It may not be perfect but there is always something to thank God for. I'm blessed."

Hopefully, the note to myself uplifted you. No matter what you are going through, just know that you will make it through. Things may not be perfect or the greatest now, but if you keep pushing, keep praying, and keep giving yourself love, you will realize that your greatest challenge can also be your biggest breakthrough. The obstacle you face now may be preparing you for the next season of your life. Don't give up now. Your time is coming!


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