Self-Love: Its Importance + How I Found It

I found self-love by being forced to not only know myself, but love myself. Growing up, I never really had true friends and I often found myself being betrayed by those who I thought were my friends. I always felt like the outcastthe odd one out. Eventually, I learned to accept the fact that I had to be my own best friend. It was just me. While that hurt, I knew that if nobody else had me, I had to be there for me. In my solitude, I grew closer to myself and found out things about myself that I never knew. I became aware of my interests and little quirks. I felt confidence because I realized my creative capacity. I confided in myself about everyday problems and drama. I learned how to find peace within. As I got older, I recognized that I was God's child; and that nothing anybody said to me or thought of me really mattered, because I was living my own life. I realized that God was guiding me down the path He planned for me, and that allowed me to see that the rejection I experienced from my peers was a blessing in disguise. I saw the good in the fact that I enjoyed my own solitude and didn't have friends. I figured out how to love myself and my own company, unknowingly. I dropped the fear of impressing others, I moved toward living for myself, I found out what makes me happy, and I realized what I'm good at.

I believe that self love is important for a multitude of reasons. Here are five:

1) Having self-love teaches others how to treat us.

  • When we love ourselves, we're not focused on getting others to love and see us. We validate ourselves and recognize the great qualities within us. 
  • When we are in the space of loving who we are, we attract people because of that, and not the other way around.
The way we treat ourselves shows others how to treat us.

2) This is our life and we are the ones living it.
  • Loving ourselves gives us the confidence to live our life how we want to. It gives us the space to do what we desire, unapologetically. 

3) Loving ourselves brings more goodness into our lives and those around us.
  • Whatever we think, feel and speak manifests into our life. Having love for ourselves creates a positive, joyful, compassionate feeling within us that translates into everyday life and everyday interactions. This strengthens the notion that if we love ourselves, we can love others. In turn, this creates a chain reaction of positivity in our world. Amazing!

4) Self-love is important because we matter.
  • Self-love and self-care goes hand in hand, which means that loving ourselves equals taking care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 
Our health and well-being matters. 

5) Having love for ourselves means we make better decisions.
  • When we have genuine love for ourselves and want to see ourselves do well in our lives, we choose to make decisions that are not only wise, but will help us in the long run. 
  • Instead of solely depending on what others say, we consider their opinions, but ultimately listen to our heart and follow our intuition, keeping our lives in order with our destiny.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps you to see the vast importance in loving yourself. Please share this post with anyone you feel needs to see it. (P.S. I will be doing a follow-up post soon discussing three basic acts of self-love, so stay tuned!)


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