Inside My Minimalist Closet

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

About three years ago, at the age of 17, I decided to get rid of all the clothes in my closet that I was not wearing. I remember selling almost everything and buying a few staple pieces after. I bought a grey t-shirt from Forever 21, distressed boyfriend jeans from American Eagle (bought from Marshall’s), and a few other things. My closet was extremely bare—and, while it felt freeing at first, I realized that I didn't like it.

However, clearing out my closet gave me space to really contemplate on my personal style. In the past, I bought clothes that were popular and looked good on other people, and I didn't give much thought to whether it would look good on myself. I never liked that feeling of not loving what I wore, so I eventually set the intention to dress comfortably and wear pieces that flattered me.

I wrote down on a list what I wanted more of in my closet (I still do this today). I focused on what I actually needed, as opposed to buying for "fashion" and trends. Personally, I’m big on investing in staple pieces, and creating multiple outfits, by mixing and matching—I believe that’s where my true style shines.

Today, my closet has grown a bit. It's still small, but a good size for me. It’s minimal because I have what I need and that’s all. As the seasons change, I update my wardrobe by selling or giving away what I don’t want, and I buy new pieces for the weather.

Inside my closet:

Here are a few of my favorite staple pieces for the fall/winter:

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed a look into my minimalist closet. Are you into minimalism? If so, what are your favorite style essentials for the fall and winter? Let me know in the comment section!


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