3 Things the Movie "Everything, Everything" Taught Me

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

So, I just finished watching the movie Everything, Everything and I must say that I am astonished. I feel that this movie was a true testament to following your heart and not settling for the status quo. 

Here's some things the movie taught me:

1) To keep hope alive

  • Even though Madeline was stuck in the house because of her supposed sickness, she still dreamed of one day stepping out of her front door and experiencing the world. She imagined herself at the beach in Maui, even though she was uncertain on whether she'd ever be able to go there.

2) To follow your heart

  • Madeline's mom tried her hardest to keep her away from Olly, and from anybody, for that matter. I love the fact that Madeline chose to trust her heart + her intuition, and pursue what made her glow inside. Had she listened to her mother, she would've never found her best friend and true love, Olly.

3) To rebel and not settle for the status quo

  • Madeline chose to risk it all to experience the world. I found myself clapping at the TV when she booked her flight to Hawaii. Not only did she have the time of her life, but because she went on that trip, she found out that she wasn't actually sick after all. Instead of believing the lies what her mother had told her her whole life, which turned out to be lies, she listened to the inkling in her heart and just went for it!

All in all, this movie inspires me to go for iteverything that I want. And, it was cool seeing the beautiful Amandla Stenberg. #blackgirlmagic

Thanks for reading. Have you watched Everything, Everything yet? What did you love most about the movie? Let me know in the comments!


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