6 Free, Inexpensive Ways to Be Healthier

Photo by Daniel Knoflicek on Unsplash

Do you have health and fitness goals, but don't have access to a gym? Can't afford a gym membership? If so, know that there are still ways to lose weight and be healthy that don't involve a gym membership, access to a gym, or a large amount of money. Interested? Keep reading.

Here are six free or inexpensive ways to be healthier:

1) Exercise at home

  • Just because you don't have a gym membership or access to a gym doesn't mean you can't exercise. You can find home workouts on the Internet, YouTube, the app store on your phone or tablet, On Demand on your TV (if you have that), or you can create your own workout routine.

2) Exercise outside
  • Go for a walk, run, jog, or bike ride around a park or track.

 3) Eat healthier
  • For me, this means eating whole, fresh foods that aren't super-processed and artificial. 
  • Buy fresh or frozen produce, your staple grains (like brown rice, quinoa, grain bread), and make sure to incorporate in lean protein, whether that's animal-based or plant-based. This will allow you to make different meals and customize how you see fit. Buying whole, low-processed foods will save you money because they aren't as expensive as specialty items.
  • Cooking your own meals will save you money because you can save extra for later and you won't have to buy meals from other places if you are hungry. 
  • P.S. If you don't know how to cook, don't worry. The Internet and YouTube have plenty of resources to help you learn.

4) Grab a friend or family member or join a group
  • Find like-minded individuals who have the same fitness goals or interests as you. This will make going for a walk or run more fun, help you stay on track, and help you to feel supported.

5) Drink water
  • It's free (in most cases) and it's the key to life. Switching out sugary or caffeinated drinks for water will save you money and help you feel better. Your body needs hydration to function properly.

6) Get quality sleep at night
  • This allows your body to renew and regenerate. If you don't get a good amount of sleep, you will not only feel groggy and tired, but your body will most likely not function at its very best.

I hope these tips help you in finding ways to be healthier in inexpensive ways! What do you do currently to support your health/fitness goals? Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading!


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