3 Ways to Defeat Self-Consciousness in Public Spaces

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

One big thing I hated when working in retail was how self-conscious I would feel. I always felt like I was being watched and stared down by customers, co-workers, and managers. I often just wanted to hide. As an introvert, I would feel overloaded because I felt like I was taking on the energy of those watching me. 

Do you feel self-conscious in public spaces? If so, read on for three tips that have helped me overcome my feelings of self-consciousness:

1) Know that no one is perfect

  • Recognize that no one is thinking about your awkwardness and mistakes as much as you. Most of the time, everyone is in their own world thinking about their own problems. Remember that we are all human and we will never be perfect.

2) Recognize that what others think of you is none of your business
  • Even if you sense that someone is staring at you or possibly talking about you, ignore it. What they think is their opinion–it's not the truth. What truly matters is how you feel about yourself.

3) Distract yourself
  • Think about something productive. Focus on the task you are doing with your full focus. This takes your mind off what triggered you and allows you to mind your business.

I hope these three tips help you to feel a little less self-conscious. Do you have any tips for decreasing this feeling? Comment below.


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