Self-Healing as a Metaphor

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Over my twenty years of life, I've had my fair share of minor cuts and wounds. I remember when I was working in retail, I bought some shoes to wear to work and they were horrible on my ankles. After work, my ankles would be chafed and a little bloody. Don't even get me started on the pain. However, through these experiences, I've learned how to facilitate the healing of my physical wounds. I find it amazing how the body can heal on its own. But if we don't do certain things to help in our healing, it won't happen.

Just like I have been wounded on the outside, I have been wounded on the inside. What has helped me in my healing is choosing to take care of myself, unapologetically. I believe that through therapy, I can set a sturdy foundation for healing. But, in the meantime, I choose to make the process easier by doing things that are going to help me. I relate this process of encouraging emotional and spiritual healing to taking care of my physical wounds. I believe that there are lots of similarities in each process. In this post, I use physical self-healing as a metaphor.

Here are four steps that I take to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing within myself:

1) "Disinfect the wound"

  • This means clearing myself of impurities and releasing whatever is not helpful for my growth. This could translate into avoiding unproductive, negative YouTube channels or TV, journaling to get my feelings out, or simply taking a shower to shift and reset my mood.

2) "Apply ointment"
  • I relate this concept to self-nourishment. This can come in the form of simply taking care of myself and doing things that make me feel great. Like, enjoying quiet time, taking a nap, or listening to a positive, uplifting podcast.

3) "Put on a band-aid"
  • When you have an open wound, sometimes you have to put on a bandage to prevent impurities from getting inside of it. For me, this relates to allowing myself to have healthy distractions to avoid absorbing negativity. These distractions allow me to be productive while also taking my mind off of a situation or trigger.

4) "Remove the band-aid"
  • One of my favorite sayings is "you can't put a band-aid on a bigger problem". I truly believe that while healthy distractions are great, they are not meant to be long-term. At some point, we have to take the bandage off and let the wound air out. I relate this to being mindful of my feelings and letting them out. This can be done through journaling, opening up to someone, or expressing myself through art.

This message came to me as I woke up this morning. I'm glad I could share it with you and I hope it contributes something great to your life.

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